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As a former editor of ACR Today, the founder of 5 Media Roger Ryan has a clear understanding of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industries. Since 2005 the 5 Media team have written press releases, features and case studies on behalf of a wide range of clients in the acr industry. J & E Hall, A-Gas, Kenfield, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Polar Cooling, Business Edge, 3D Air Sales and HRP are among those to have benefited in this way.

We work closely with editors in the print and online media to ensure you make an impact. We have a fine track record in delivering editorial success for people, products and businesses. We love to Tweet and Facebook.

5 Media also provides editorial support for awards’ entries. Headlining at key industry events like the Cooling Awards, where our clients have enjoyed success, can make a difference to your marketing mix. Our track record is good. Our clients have been among the winners of top awards.