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JCC cellar coolers installed on Scottish islands

A refrigeration business at the forefront of tackling jobs in remote parts of the UK has installed J & E Hall cellar coolers on island communities off the coast of Scotland. UK Cellar Cooling has been working at the Isle of Colonsay …


New CO2 testing and analysis service

Through working in partnership with Sainsbury’s, A-Gas has introduced a new carbon dioxide (R744/CO2) analysis and testing service in a move to improve the monitoring of CO2 refrigeration system performance. Ensuring moisture content and other impurities are kept within the recommended levels …


Turning paper waste into plastic

Network Waste has been working with the internationally renowned Adapt Low Carbon Group at the University of East Anglia in Norwich on a ground-breaking approach to sustainable waste management which could lead to paper waste being turned into bio-plastic. The company, based …


Chestech links up with Yamamoto

Chestech, the specialist chemicals and processes distributor in the electronics industry, has signed a deal with the Japanese company Yamamoto-MS to be a sole distributor. Yamamoto-MS designs, develops, and manufactures wet surface treatment equipment for the electronics industry.  Chestech, part of the …


J & E Hall condensing units impress

Four J & E Hall Fusion Condensing Units have been installed at a new restaurant in Liverpool where fine dining with a Brazilian twist is to the fore. The four condensing units – and a J & E Hall cellar cooler – …