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Leroy-Somer alternators feature in F1 race support

Leroy-Somer alternators are leading from the front in maintaining race support for teams in Formula 1. They are a key component in two portable generator sets used by leading Grand Prix teams to provide power in the Paddock throughout the practice, qualifying and race days. The generators supply power for vehicle set up, maintenance and IT systems.

Formula One

Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes are among the big names benefiting from this Leroy-Somer technology. These custom-made portable power units are designed and built by Ian Webb Engineering of Kingswood, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

Managing Director Ian Webb said: “We like working with Leroy-Somer alternators. They are compact, well-engineered and reliable. These generators power all the needs for a racing team in the paddock. In the past there would have been a rigid generator built into a trailer but these portable machines are assembled on site. They work in tandem and so offer energy savings and flexibility for a busy racing team.”

The Leroy-Somer LSA 43.2 Series alternators are linked to Perkins generators. Ian Webb Engineering marries the alternator with the engine and adds a current transformer to synchronise the performance between one generator and another – equalling the voltage between the generators.

The LSA 43.2 Series alternator is suitable for typical generator applications, such as backup, standard production, co-generation, marine applications, rental and telecommunications. The 4-pole alternator offers top of the range performance with standard 12-wire re-connectable winding. It has the Leroy-Somer AREP brushless system – the only system on the market capable of providing short circuit capability without the need for an additional permanent magnet at the rear.

Attractive proposition
Xavier Trenchant, President of Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation said: “It’s a feather in the cap for Leroy-Somer to be associated with Formula 1 motor racing. The unrivalled efficiency and compact nature of the LS 43.2 Series alternator makes it perfect for use in this type of environment. In assembling these generators, it’s very much a case of fitting a quart into a pint pot for Ian Webb and his team. Space is at a premium. So these specially-made generators with their LSA 43.2 Series alternators and the AREP brushless system are an ideal choice. The low noise levels also make them an attractive proposition in an area where people are working. We are delighted that the LSA 43.2 4-pole alternator is playing a key role in race support for F1 motor racing teams.”

Ian Webb Engineering of Kingswood, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is a long-standing customer of Leroy-Somer. The business specialises in the supply, servicing, repair and installation of generators throughout Europe. Ian Webb Engineering can provide new and used sets from five to 1000 Kva – fully tested and guaranteed. They manufacture a complete range of custom built, super silent, vibration free generators. These sets are widely used in motorsport, broadcasting and hospitality applications. In addition to the mechanical products, the company can also design and build control and distribution panels.

Mr Webb concluded: “Down the years we have supplied more than 100 generators to Formula One teams. They provide all the power a racing team could possibly need trackside. They also help in the warming up of the 30 or so sets of tyres that a team gets through on a visit to a Grand Prix circuit. The Leroy-Somer alternator has a significant role in ensuring that these custom-built generators meet the high expectations of Formula One racing teams.”