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J & E Hall cuts cold store energy bills

A storage and distribution company has cut its cold store energy bills by more than 20 per cent and reduced its carbon footprint considerably after introducing a new refrigeration system designed and built by J & E Hall.

One of three J & E Hall compressor packs at the Norish cold store.

One of three J & E Hall compressor packs at the Norish cold store.

Three J & E Hall compressor packs are at the heart of the ammonia-based plant at the Norish distribution centre in Brierley Hill, Dudley, West Midlands. Norish is a multi-temperature warehousing and logistics business operating from eight locations across the country.

The 100,000sqft cold store at the vast Brierley Hill distribution centre handles food products from across the world. Largely meat, this needs to be kept at a storage temperature of -21°C. The centre has the capacity to freeze between 700 and 800 pallets a week. The products are then transported to food producers or retailers at home and abroad.

The old system had been using R22 refrigerant and was not equipped to deal with the demands of the F-Gas regulations. Norish was looking for a new system, which would be more energy efficient and have the right green credentials to match.

Norish managing director Norman Hatcliff: “I am absolutely delighted with the new cold store plant. It is delivering the efficiencies that we hoped it would.

“One of the benefits of moving from an old R22 system to an ammonia system is that we gain the economies of a more efficient gas, the benefits of a natural refrigerant and a new refrigeration plant. Having the right refrigeration system is absolutely essential to meet the demands of our customers.

“The task Halls have undertaken to install a new refrigeration plant while our operation continued has been a fantastic engineering feat.”