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J & E Hall cellar cooling system for penguins

J & E Hall celler cooling system helps penguins in Hull.

A J & E Hall cellar cooling system has been installed in the quarantine room set aside for the penguins at the Hull visitor attraction, The Deep. “We needed to set up a separate quarantine area to comply with legislation concerning the importation and keeping of penguins,” explained Andrew McLeod, assistant curator at The Deep. The Gentoo penguins imported from America have proved a big hit with visitors at the Kingdom of Ice in the aquarium complex.

The unit is a JCC 40E cellar cooler, supplied by distributor FSW. The installer was Cold Temp Refrigeration Services. JCC low-noise units are fitted with a standard electronic controller across the range which allows room temperatures down to 4°C. Cooling capacities range from 2.87 to 5.82kw.

There are now nine Gentoo penguins at the purpose-built aquarium which runs over three floors and features a large pool, beach area, nesting area and an outdoor balcony overlooking the River Humber.

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